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Providing Development solutions for clients based right here in Richmond Virginia. Website Development, Mobile apps, Smart TV applications, Web Applications, desktop applications for windows, linux, IOS & debain, chrome extentions & more. Striving to provide affordable solutions for clients on a consistent basis. Need to see it to believe it ? See some of our active demos below.

Website Development & Desktop Apps

I can build you website or desktop app and get it online as quickly as needed! From Code to Deployment! Call for a free consultation. Tell me your development needs and I will get it done. 

Mobile Development

Having created & being able to get my apps on mobile devices world wide, I pretty much understand the in's & out of various app markets.  If this is your need contact me by clicking below.

Linux windows VMwave Powershell

Experienced inVMware, VSphere, ESXI Host management, deployment & configuration. Anything as far as managing windows systems & servers I can do as well. Let me know how I can be of some assistance in this area for you.

Content management

If you simply need updates for your existing webspace and you do not have the time or the know how to manage this on your own, I can also assist you in this area.

See some mobile web examples

Care to see some of my apps published currently on GooglePlay?

More Demo's

Some of our clients requested that their websites not be featured in my demo examples. Please understand and respect their privacy. Thank you

Make Your Ideas Live Online Now

Quit hitting the snooze button on bringing your business online in the most powerful way by having a developer that has your back & whose willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have the best. In most cases clients are taught how to manage their webspace on their own and have no need for me after their needs are fulfilled. Some keep me around till this day for general maintence for their applications or other existing webspaces. For any of our demo's or if you would like to see more examples, contact me and I can get it done for you.  

Call for a free consultation:
Phone: (804)-972-6343

Sevices offered are not limitedto only 
those listed. I can pretty much do it all !!!
call, text or email me now.

StartUp Blink

Services offered include

Webspace Maintenance ( can be as low as $30.00 or depending or you specific needs)

-Web Development (Can be as low as $ 100.00 . I also can create apps for all websites and provide hosting if needed)

-Mobile app creation ( Varies depending on clients needs)

- Desktop Application - ( varies depending on clients needs)

- Other Services - Call me or email me with your needs. I'm flexible.

- I also teach small classes ( contact me if you need help learning your systems). 

Got it. I'll will be in Touch!